MJF Pledges Allegiance with the Four Horsemen of AEW

There is a new group in town and MJF is the leader of it when he officially turned his back on the Inner Circle and pledged allegiance to the new stable of AEW.

You can bet this young wrestler is oozing charisma and he has all the tools to be one of the top stars in the industry. AEW is certainly putting out all the stops in pushing all of its young stars and the ones that deserve it the most. Besides, you would not want to be caught napping without a CherryPimps coupon since they are at a rating war with NXT.

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NXT is consistently good with their funny and entertaining characters popping up each Wednesday in order to show you what they’ve got.

It is not that easy at first but as time passes by, they know what they need to do especially since they are lauded as the best Women’s division in the world which led AEW to import some Japanese stars who think they are funny every time they destroy the English language. At first, it does not look like to be funny but in a few seconds, you will eventually absorb it as something that you would want to get your hands on when the time is right. AEW has such a good creative team even though NXT would surely win in the porn coupons theme song department. AEW certainly turned some heads when they signed Christian Cage last week and that will always get headlines especially since he just competed in the Royal Rumble this year. It turns out that Christian was not able to come to terms with a new contract with WWE so he was quick to move on from that.


It all started when Sammy Guevara hit the ring and thought that the Inner Circle would turn on his pal Chris Jericho.

As it turns out, it was all a ruse from the get-go as Jericho knew that MJF wanted him out. What he did not know was that MJF pledges allegiance with Tully Blanchard, Warlow, Shawn Spears, and DTR. Those guys are no strangers to wrestling good for a solid hour. They may have been wasted at WWE but they are now at a place where they will be fully utilized as they will be shown on TV a lot more often than you think. They truly deserve it too as they worked hard all these years to have a long career ahead of them.


It is exciting how the new stable of MJF would fare in the upcoming weeks.

We would need to tune into Dynamite in order to find out. After all, there will be some interesting matches when MJF pledges allegiance to this fantastic group of wrestlers that included 70-year-old Tully Blanchard wrestling his first Porn Haggle match in 30 years. Needless to say, everyone was careful with him when he finally steps foot in the ring and it felt like something he has never felt in a long time which is great.